Friday, January 12, 2018

Why I Love Ben Affleck As Batman

One can maybe say that the "pow-ZAP" Batman wasn't serious enough. One can also possibly say that the "Dark Knight" series was too serious. Batman 1989 though was jusssst right. Batman 1989 was the ultimate standard setter for the Batman series as everything from that point was based on, and build apon Batman 1989. All the Batman movies have lead one another to come into fruition. That leads us to today - Ben Affleck's Batman - who is a masterfied, perfect combination and evolution of Batman in my opinion. A chizzled to perfection Batman, added all the elements that made Batman what he is today, throughout the times, and finally the perfect amount of all those elements. The perfect formula. This is thee evolution of THEE Batman ~

All of the Batman's that graced us were amazing, and did so much for their time. We wouldn't have one without the other. Maybe people who are born today, might not "get it", but if you were THERE, you know WHY the "Pow-Zap" Batman was so amazing. Not only was it awesome, and contributed so much to pop culture in general, it also lead to the creation of the 1989 Batman. If it wasn't for "Pow-Zap" we wouldn't have been lead to, or wanted a Batman 1989. This show showed how powerful and how much people wanted to see Batman, and the comics lead to people craving to see an on screen Batman, with the more serious subjects that were in the pages! "What would happen, if the awesomness of the on screen Batman we've seen so far combined with the more gritty, and adult tones of the comics?" Batman 1989 came, and BOOM! Cemented (if Batman wasn't ALREADY CEMENTED) and changed everything! "Pow-Zap" begot "1989" and 1989 begot everything we know today! Tim Burton nailed the elements that he added, and combined into Batman at the time. Tim Burton's elements into Batman lead to Batman making the equivalent impact of when McDonald's made the "Big Mac". Leading to an understanding, love, and need for Batman that went beyond. So far beyond, that everything that everything since then, has been based off of the 1989 Batman, or has tried to build apon it, or made decisions to evolve a certain way from it.

I briefly want to talk about "Batman Forever" and "Batman and Robin". These two movies "continued" the 1989 Batman story line, but were considered by some to veer off too much from what had come before, dropping too many elements that made that perfect recipe for the time, that everyone loved the taste of. Of course when I think about it now, I would love to see more characters molded in Tim Burton's vision, but I also understood what they were meaning, by where these movies were going. They were getting more fantastical, but I didn't feel like anything was being "ruined" because I saw that they were trying to throw back a little bit to the "Pow-Zap" Batman. Therefore I understood it. I didn't feel cheated, because they weren't trying to completely change Batman, but bring back some Batman elements from the past. So I did not feel as if they were making Batman something he wasn't, but rather, maybe for some people, they just put too much salt and pepper in the pot. A Batman with a sense of humor is an element of Batman, but perhaps they tried to take too much of the "serious" element out. But still, at that time, one of the "elements" was casting a famous actor, who was best suited for each Batman villain role, as they did with Jack Nicholson, Michelle Fiffer, Danny Divito, and now in Batman Forever, Jim Carry, who was definitely the best, famous actor, suited for the role of the Riddler at that time. I thought Tommy Lee Jones was great too, and played out a great, memorable rivalry with the actor who played Robin, but I can see if people were mad they never got to see Billie Dee Williams fulfill his role as Two-Face, who played Harvey Dent in Batman 1989, especially since Batman Forever was part of that series. Although, I did not feel any sting of that back then, but made it all the more beautiful to witness Billie ACTUALLY voice Two-Face in the LEGO Batman movie! Which had him finally fulfill the role he was supposed to portray, all those years ago... (oh man, I can't even with that! Too human, beautiful, and amazing!!)  So I do feel like there was enough "elements" of "Batman" in those movies to love. I could see where their might have been in an imbalance though in the "series'" elements, which leads us to the next set of movies.

The Dark Knight series! Definitely a classic series! Although some scenes in #3, The Dark Knight Rises, were a little imbalanced in the brutality department, the series overall, as a whole was classic and great. Now see, if it wasn't for the imbalance of the "less serious" in Batman Forever and Batman and Robin, people wouldn't have been craving a "REALISTIC" Batman. Batman Forever and Batman and Robin left people hungry for the missing, "serious" ingredient in the cheeseburger. Therefore, the Dark Knight series was birthed. Now today, we have, one of my favorite Batmans of all time - Ben Affleck.

Ben Affleck's Batman you can maybe say was birthed from the Dark Knight series. It being TOO serious. It taking too many elements that came before, out. I feel though, as of today, they have MASTERED it! One of the first things I said about Ben Affleck's Batman, is that - "It's a perfect combination of Batman 1989, and The Dark Knight series". It brings back fantastical elements that contributed to Batman's rise to fame, but also keeping it in that realistic, brutal, Dark Knight style as well. to me, it's the Perfect combination.

Lets not forget Batman: The Animated Series!! Another thing I would also feel and say, is that - "This Batman also embodies an on screen version of the Batman from Batman: The Animated Series". There's so many things in this iteration of "B-Man" that is just everything to me. The perfect formula, and the perfect combination, of all the elements that helped Batman catapult to the heights the character has reached, through the times. And my god... hearing THEE Batman theme in the Justice League with THIS Batman especially... I think I saw GOD for a second! Ha! But it's not just the Batman aspect that I love. Bruce Wayne's portrayal goes hand and hand, and comes along with this whole package!

If it wasn't implied, when I say "Batman" I am also including Bruce Wayne in that word also. The Batman experience as a whole includes Bruce Wayne. As I mentioned before, one of the elements of Batman is humor, in some form or fashion. This Bruce Wayne knows when to not take himself too seriously, and knows how to balance his serious, alter life with some fun, and understands that constantly grinding isn't going to help him. His life is constantly as risk, so why take life so seriously? That was an element that was there in "Pow-Zap", but Tim Burton masterfully incorporated that into Michael Keaton's more "serious" Batman. Michael Keaton's Bruce Wayne knew how to mock a situation, knew how to mock himself, and other people in a truthful way, if needed. Batman having some sort of sense of humor, amongst all the craziness, is a classic Batman element.  All the stuff that is going on IS CRAZY in the Batman universe, so Batman is even more of the man for the fact that he knows how to chill amoungst all the lunacy he's surrounded with. Laugh at the crazyness, but also knowing how to be completely bold, and serious at the same time. This is why I believe people love Superman as well, because he's not about being a downer. At the core, he's a jolly nerd, but also knows how to step up when the time comes. Being happy but bold when needed is very human, and something people innately want to be. No body wants to be completely serious all the time, because whats the sense in life, even in crazy situations, if we're not having fun? Who wants to be even MORE weight on their shoulders when surrounded by a serious situation, and who wants to be a coward in the face of danger? You feel close to Batman and Superman, because they're people you'd want to be in the situations they face, or people to learn from. Even Obi-Wan Kenobi, who is a Jedi and is supposed to be "serious minded" laughs in the face of a difficult situation, and has a sense of humor. This Bruce Wayne brings back that suave, laid back "F**K IT" attitude. A "let me have some fun, cause who knows when this ride could end" attitude. There's a recipe though. People like their Batman serious, but this Bruce Wayne gives the perfect amount of care free attitude to make him human, and relateable.

Overall, like I've said, I believe this Batman, is a perfect and masterful combination of all of the elements that have made us love Batman throughout the times. A finally chizzled to perfection Batman. A Batman where there's no imbalances. Ben Affleck is not too serious of a Batman, but also not a completely serious Batman either. He's intense and brutal, but also realizes that he's human, and because he realizes that he's human, we get to see how he achieves the fantastical through a human lens. I pray that he stays around for a very long time, as I do everybody they have picked for this current DC Universe so far. I believe that they all, are and have perfectly, and masterfully embodied and portrayed all of these DC Legends.

- Love
Joey JcM

Friday, May 31, 2013

Bootleg Wii U Pro Controllers that Will Fool You!

I've never seen a bootleg with such balls!

I recently bought a black Wii U Pro controller off of from one of the sub-sellers. The controller was selling for around $35. I thought this was simply someone reselling the controllers from a previous $30ish sale that Best Buy had. From the moment I took it out of the box and put it in my hand, I knew something wasn't feeling right. Something was different. I thought it was just me.
Similar to how GameCube controller bootlegs that are available today, the buttons on this "Pro controller" were very TIGHT. At first I thought it was an update to the controller that Nintendo made.... until I played Call of Duty. I noticed right away that there was a problem.... the control sticks weren't working right.
The left stick wasn't working at a certain angle, and the right stick wasn't working when you clicked it in!

At this point it was clear that there was definitely a problem.... I went to BEST BUY to buy a REAL black controller, and compared the two, and sure enough, when looked at both up close, we definitely have a problem with the one I bought off of amazon.......

Can you spot the differences?

Above, the legit controller is the top one. From the front view, you can see the A,B,Y,X button and the D-Pad color difference between the two. The shine one the bootleg one (above/bottom) looks a little bit cheaper then the legit one (above/top). And if you look closely, the bootleg is even slightly shaped different!

At the time when I opened the bootleg black controller, I had already owned a White Pro controller. I knew something felt and looked a little different when I put this amazon bought controller in my hand. Since the controller was a different color, I thought maybe my eyes were playing tricks on me, and that the color was throwing me off on the different feel. But as I said, I immediately noticed the difference between the tightness of the buttons and sticks. I did feel a slight difference in shape, but again, thought the different color had my eyes playing tricks on me.

 Looking at the boxes, you would never know!
Can you tell which box is the fake?
(Legit box on left, bootleg on right)

Above, the fake box is on the right in both pics. The bootleg does have SLIGHTLY less shine to the box, but the difference is so minimal, it was be almost impossible to tell unless you have a reference box to put right next to it! 

Can you tell the difference from this view? They BOTH have the Nintendo logo!
(legit on top, bootleg on bottom)

We've went over some maybe not so obvious differences, at first glance, but now lets take a closer look at some pretty clear differences!

Here, the bootleg (on the right) clearly has higher sticks! (too bad they don't work right!)
 Below, on the charging cables, we can see the lack of the Nintendo logo on the bootleg wires! And slightly different design!

These are not OFFICIALLY confirmed as fakes, and both even have the Nintendo logo on the back of the controllers! But it is obvious that these are not official Nintendo products. They don't work correctly, and there are clear differences. I've never seen a bootleg with such balls to have the box match, and to actually have a Nintendo logo on the controller. Is this a new breed of bootleg? Either way.....

The lesson learned here is that when it comes to controllers, we obviously need them to work right. So even if the controllers look legit, and the internet even shows a candid photo of the product instead of a generic jpeg, its better to just pay full price or wait for a sale at an official store that is legit like Best Buy, or Gamestop.

Could this be simply a factory defect? Well, considering that I ordered it from a sub seller on amazon, for a MUCH cheaper price, some parts didn't work, and some Nintendo logos are missing.... I would say "I don't think so Tim" to this being officially made!

- Joey JcM

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Thursday, April 25, 2013

Why Nintendo's Surprise New E3 Strategy Could Be the Best Thing We've Heard in a Long Time!

BIG news days for Nintendo. It's going to be a big news WEEK for Nintendo! Wii U Virtual Console is set to officially launch, the huge Wii U system update is hitting us this week as well. But the week of massive Ninty love started off with the launch of MiiVerse on the web, and .... the news about Nintendo not hosting a traditional E3 press conference this year....

Many were sad.... scared, upset! What could this mean? HOW COULD THEY DO THIS?!?! NINTENDO IS SURELY DOOMED NOW!!!!....... 

.... or are they? 

Have you thought of it this way my friends? 

We all remember how exciting E3 used to be. It used to be for US! Throughout the recent years, it's been downplayed and more of a show for "suits". Boring, with no moments of goosebumps. All those moments we always waited for, and looked forward to at every E3 have vanished. I'll even venture to say that E3 has left us, for the most part, disappointed in these recent years. We get EXCITED! .... only to feel "meh" everytime after....

Nintendo's Ultimate president,  Satoru Iwata has stated that Nintendo will have a different strategy for E3 this year. They will break up presentations. Iwata said - he realizes that there are different groups of people who watch E3, the "suits", the vendors that are going to be selling their stuff, and then us.... the life of Nintendo; The FANS! Iwata in short, states - "why have to put fans through portions of the show that they don't even want to watch; or vice-versa" . Obviously those aren't the exact words, but when I read that part of the report, a thought that I already had in my head became more clear!

 Having separate showcases might be the best thing we've heard in a LONG TIME! We might be able to actually have the exciting, never-forget memories once more! Iwata'ss said they are set in what they want to do for the business portion of their showcase to the two other groups, but are not sure yet and are still exploring what they want to do for the "show" for us basically. BUT THINK of the possibility's.....

If they don't have to be half serious/half trying to have an E3, and can focus souly on fun stuff for one of their E3 shows, we could be seeing the first steps back towards the E3 that we all crave! The E3 that we all want! The E3 that we all DESERVE! They tried to revive E3 a couple of years ago, but Nintendo, in all it's genius, can be giving us another great gift! Curing the E3 sickness! 


- Joey JcM ;D

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

WrestleMania 29 (The Last Wrestling Event)

All hope for wresting was lost last night when the Rock lost to Cena. I was almost starting to believe again - The Rock gave so much life to the new belt; it was brought in in such a great way. The future was bright.

 Cena's downfall would have been complete if he got beat by the Rock one more time, having already been obsessed with not being able to beat the Rock, and havinga horrible year since he lost to the Rock. After all this, he would have snapped, and might have had no choice but to resort to his own ways.

Rock is going to be around. He's going to be on the cover of this year's video game. So he's obviously not going anywhere TOO far for alittle while, so keep him champion! It was going so great, and there were SO many great reasons for Cena to fall from grace and possible snap. they could have had one more match at Summer Slam and Cena could have beat him by using dirty tactics.

Since it seems pretty obvious that The Rock is going to be making more movies, but is also going to stick around WWE for alittle while longer, this would have been perfect. There is no reason for Cena to be champion again under the same terms. The Rock was brought back to spice things up and get the blood pumping back into wrestling. He was obviously brought back for a reason. I had such high hopes. The new Championship belt was starting anew in WWE, brought in by the Rock, a real wrestling CHARACTER. Cena falling from grace would have made him a CHARACTER. Cena trying to be good just sucks the life out of wrestling. It holds his character back. I'm not ignorant to the fact that Cena CAN be GREAT, but he just holds back too much of his soul, and therefore sucks the soul out of wrestling. This is why the more "mature" wrestling fan chants "CENA SUCKS" because they are savy to Cena's character is being held back.

I look at my WrestleMania suvenier cup, with the Rock holding the belt..... all the other greats on it and say "Wow... this was the last wrestling event" - as in wrestling was waking up again, looking so great, and now that Cena is champion again under these cercumstances, back to sleep wrestling goes......

- Joey JcM

Thursday, March 21, 2013

A Different Perspective on Shigeru Miyamoto's "Retirement"

In the retirement of Shigeru Miyamoto, we might see more from him then we have in a long time! Whaaaa, you're saying? Well listen up!

I know the thought of Miyamoto retiring is a scary.... we tremble and pout at the very idea. Not only because he's such a pivital part of Nintendo's history, but because we simply just love him. He feels like he's a family member. He gave us so much over the years. We love him. Of course the thought of seeing him "go" troubles us greatly.... but actually.... maybe... just maybe not!


Think about it this way, first of all, we still do have a lot of Miyamoto time left, but when and if he does retire, 100 years from now, something even greater might come of that time! When Shiggy retires, he will have a lot more time for himself.... personal time. And you know what that could suggest? That he will not only have endless time to think..... but endless time to create new ideas! We might see more new Miyamoto games and ideas in his retirement then we are now! I mean you KNOW he will always be part of the company. He will be Nintendo for life!

If Shigz retires, he will have so much time to create what HE wants to create. Have endless time to think about new ideas. Think and create at his own pace. Look what happened when he took a little break and was in his garden - Pikmin was born. Now imagine a whole LOT more time like that for Mr. Miyamoto!

Thinking about Shiggy's retirement this way def gives a different perspecitive, and gets rid of most of the sad, and replaces it with excitement! =)

- Joey JcM

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Dear THQ, WE Are NOT The Game Testers

Dear THQ. I'm glad to hear that you are doing all this work after your "community" has made you aware of various issues....... I'll say it before and i'll say it again: WWE 12 is a sexy new car.... with NO wheels. We've been trying to drive this beautiful car, but we just can't drive it the way it should be driven. Instead of pressing the gas and GO, we have to trudge out feet and drive this car like the Flintstones. We shouldn't have to do that. We buy the game because we're supposed to enjoy it, not have to put WORK into it. We work enough during the day.

I'll even give you that maybe you can't predict all the online issues, because of the mass amounts of people on the servers, bla bla bla..... but what kind of game testers do you have (if any at all) that they would miss OFFLINE glitches, like this!:

- DX entrance settings:
If you customize a wrestlers entrance with making their entrance DX style, the normal cut back and forth between the entrance video and the wrestlers walking down the ramp, is not there. Instead what you get is the video playing until your wrestlers enter the ring. In other words, you have a good minute or two where you don't know where your wrestlers are, because they are blocked and hidden by a full screen video. How can this even happen? The DX entrance has been in the game for years, and this year it happened to break? Worse off.... none of your testers caught this?

- Setting the Spray painted "World Title" to a wrestler doesn't work:
Instead what you get, is the wrestler walking to the ring with the WWE spray painted title. This takes even less effort to set up and test then an entrance, how was this missed?

- Viewing a Created Wrestler from the Community Creations Blocks Your Ability to edit:
So if you view a wrestler that you would like to download from the online community creation section, ya know, just to check him out and see if it's exactly what you want, it hinders your ability to edit that wrestlers moves if you download him directly after the view. Instead, if you want creative freedom, you have to view, back out, and then find the wrestler you want to download AGAIN and go straight to clicking download. Yes, the creator can choose whether they would like their wrestlers to be edited after they are downloaded or not. Most creators allow this, because they understand that not everyone wants the exact same thing. They know how it feels. But even when the wrestlers you downloaded have the ability to edit ON, this glitch still happens. This glitch was NOT present in the 2011 version of this game (Smackdown vs. RAW 2011)

- "Hero" Road to Wrestlemania storyline will enslave your CAW:
Ironically, the "hero" story in the Road to WrestleMania story mode will capture your created wrestler, and enslave it to be it's own - changing it's name and move set. So if you had dreams of taking your CAW through a wrestling adventure, think again. You instead have to create a BS CAW that you don't even want to use, just to be same, or else the CAW you would LIKE to use will get destroyed if you pick him. Why even ask the player to choose a CAW then, if them game if only going to destroy him? Another note: You won't be able to change your CAW's name back from the name it gives you either. Oh but don't worry, you can change the moves back... on a guy who you don't want anymore. Hope you have fun with all that useless work.

Just the other day I was playing in "Universe" mode: a Triple Threat match, using two CAWs (created-a-wrestlers, created wrestlers) and one stock wrestler. As the first CAW I made started to enter, I shortly saw that all his edited entrance features were gone. His theme song had reset to the first theme I had on him(?!!?!?), and I found out during the match, that all his moves have been set back to default as well! How the hell does this happen? It takes a good while to create a wrestler, thats enough work. Having to do it all over again for no reason is REAL work!

THQ just released a thread in it's WWE 12 forums that states that they are working on a "primary patch" to fix most of the games main glitches. They wanted to make it clear that the patch that they had already released (about a day ago) was NOT the "primary patch", but a minor patch that should help the online issues. They went on to thank "their community" for informing them of the issues with the game........

" Our primary patch will address some of the top-line bugs and glitches that YOU the community have helped us identify," - WWE Games

(NOTE: The servers for the community creations section in the online section of the game had been absolutly borken for the first several weeks. Only working about 2% of the time. And most of the time you couldn't even get on to do on online verses match either)
Online issues have been made better, but still have work to be done.

Mentioning all this though..... this is why I say, (even if you want to excuse the online being broken, which shouldn't be excused for the level of atrocity it is/was) I say this:


Even with the excuse that "We couldn't anitisipate the amount of people that would accupy the servers" there is still so many problems with the OFFLINE portion of this game! What kind of quality assurance is going on in this company? Obviously not enough help to have them finish the game.
Granted a lot of work was done to overhaul the game to "reboot" it, and a lot of that work is very impressive, but this game OBVIOUSLY wasn't finished. They want to make a game yearly, i'm not for it, but fine. But MAKE THE GAME. That intails FINISHING IT! Things like this need to be brought to light, because people are dropping $60 on ENTERAINMENT. I didn't know I was paying $60 to WORK for THQ?

Lets not forget to mention the countless threads on the message boards of people saying that they pre-ordered the special edition of the game, straight from THQ, and have not received it yet..... almost a month later. Once again, this is PRE-ORDERS not arriving a month later... of special editions.... that cost EXTRA money. - What the hell is going on at THQ??!?

So THQ, you want to thank your community for helping you find bugs? Why don't you hire a QA team to do that, so we feel like we're buying a video game, instead of feeling like we PAID YOU, to WORK FOR you - to inform you about bugs that a child could pick out. What does that say about your QA team?

I say this out of love, because I would have liked to see this otherwise beautiful game finished, but there's a line, and your at the point where you are taking advantage of people, and you have to hear our voices this time, because your not getting away with this one.


Read THQ's message to the community below,


Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Why Sonic Hasn't Sucked Since SEGA, & Why

Maybe Console Sonic's havn't been up to par since Sonic Adventure for most. I can't understand that, being a big Sonic fan myself. Although I do not own "Sonic the Hedgehog" for 360.. or "Sonic Unleashed" for 360.... or "Sonic and the Secret Rings" for Wii........ OR "Sonic and the Black Knight" for Wii.... ok, so maybe you Sonic haters have a point! Although I caught a glimpse of "Sonic Colors" for Wii, and that actually looked like that game was starting some momentum again for "CONSOLE SONIC".

But anyway, even though Sonic haters might have a point about Sonic on the console since after the Sonic Adventure series, Sonic DEFINITELY hasn't sucked since then. Why? Well god dam, have you guys NOT been playing the GBA Sonic's and the Nintendo DS Sonic's? If you havn't, I feel bad for you.

Sonic Advance 1-3 (GBA)
Sonic Rush (DS)
Sonic Rush Adventure (DS)
Sonic Colors (DS!!)

You want REAL Sonic? WITHOUT FAIL? Play ^ Those games!

You guys might live in the "Sonic has sucked for a while" world, but not me. I've been having a great Sonic experience since SEGA... since I was 6 (or 7).... for about 20 years! Enjoying Sonic never stopped for me!

When Sonic Advance came out, I was BLOWN away! I was like "WOW! A true sequel to 2D Sonic!". I'm not taking away from Sonic Adventure for DreamCast here; What i'm saying, is that at that time, never did I think that Sonic was going to go back to 2D. And when it did, it was seriously the true predecessor to the 2D Sonic's, 1-3, and Sonic and Knuckles. Sonic Advance 1 - 3: Such great experiences. It was great see how Sonic "advanced" (see what I did there) in a true, TRADITIONAL Sonic sequel.

Now onto Sonic Rush. Another TRUE Sonic series, that took advantage of the DS' two screens in SUCH a RADICAL way! Yet even more "advancement" over the Sonic Advance GBA games, in the best way that it could.
Sonic Rush Adventure I actually never got a chance to play, but it got RAVE reviews! It was actually a Sonic RPG, that still played like traditional Sonic I believe, with a little added spice.

So you see... even though console Sonic (supposedly) "hasn't been good" since Sonic Adventure 2 , Sonic has never really died, and I just showed you why and how.

I actually have Sonic Generations (waiting to be opened!). First console Sonic in a while. The demo was great, so i'm looking forward to a good Sonic experience returning to the big screen! SO many AAA games this holiday with SUCH high scores to choose from to play! But I'm dying to get around to this new Sonic though. Couldn't pass up a game with CLASSIC Sonic in it! Can't wait to see how they do the story! (I hope they're not two different 'people'), but either way, I'm sure it's going to to great! Oh, and I also couldn't pass up a Super Sonic Avatar Costume (with the pre-order). I'm a sucker for Sonic.... what can I say ? =/

- JcM