Tuesday, April 9, 2013

WrestleMania 29 (The Last Wrestling Event)

All hope for wresting was lost last night when the Rock lost to Cena. I was almost starting to believe again - The Rock gave so much life to the new belt; it was brought in in such a great way. The future was bright.

 Cena's downfall would have been complete if he got beat by the Rock one more time, having already been obsessed with not being able to beat the Rock, and havinga horrible year since he lost to the Rock. After all this, he would have snapped, and might have had no choice but to resort to his own ways.

Rock is going to be around. He's going to be on the cover of this year's video game. So he's obviously not going anywhere TOO far for alittle while, so keep him champion! It was going so great, and there were SO many great reasons for Cena to fall from grace and possible snap. they could have had one more match at Summer Slam and Cena could have beat him by using dirty tactics.

Since it seems pretty obvious that The Rock is going to be making more movies, but is also going to stick around WWE for alittle while longer, this would have been perfect. There is no reason for Cena to be champion again under the same terms. The Rock was brought back to spice things up and get the blood pumping back into wrestling. He was obviously brought back for a reason. I had such high hopes. The new Championship belt was starting anew in WWE, brought in by the Rock, a real wrestling CHARACTER. Cena falling from grace would have made him a CHARACTER. Cena trying to be good just sucks the life out of wrestling. It holds his character back. I'm not ignorant to the fact that Cena CAN be GREAT, but he just holds back too much of his soul, and therefore sucks the soul out of wrestling. This is why the more "mature" wrestling fan chants "CENA SUCKS" because they are savy to Cena's character is being held back.

I look at my WrestleMania suvenier cup, with the Rock holding the belt..... all the other greats on it and say "Wow... this was the last wrestling event" - as in wrestling was waking up again, looking so great, and now that Cena is champion again under these cercumstances, back to sleep wrestling goes......

- Joey JcM

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