Thursday, April 25, 2013

Why Nintendo's Surprise New E3 Strategy Could Be the Best Thing We've Heard in a Long Time!

BIG news days for Nintendo. It's going to be a big news WEEK for Nintendo! Wii U Virtual Console is set to officially launch, the huge Wii U system update is hitting us this week as well. But the week of massive Ninty love started off with the launch of MiiVerse on the web, and .... the news about Nintendo not hosting a traditional E3 press conference this year....

Many were sad.... scared, upset! What could this mean? HOW COULD THEY DO THIS?!?! NINTENDO IS SURELY DOOMED NOW!!!!....... 

.... or are they? 

Have you thought of it this way my friends? 

We all remember how exciting E3 used to be. It used to be for US! Throughout the recent years, it's been downplayed and more of a show for "suits". Boring, with no moments of goosebumps. All those moments we always waited for, and looked forward to at every E3 have vanished. I'll even venture to say that E3 has left us, for the most part, disappointed in these recent years. We get EXCITED! .... only to feel "meh" everytime after....

Nintendo's Ultimate president,  Satoru Iwata has stated that Nintendo will have a different strategy for E3 this year. They will break up presentations. Iwata said - he realizes that there are different groups of people who watch E3, the "suits", the vendors that are going to be selling their stuff, and then us.... the life of Nintendo; The FANS! Iwata in short, states - "why have to put fans through portions of the show that they don't even want to watch; or vice-versa" . Obviously those aren't the exact words, but when I read that part of the report, a thought that I already had in my head became more clear!

 Having separate showcases might be the best thing we've heard in a LONG TIME! We might be able to actually have the exciting, never-forget memories once more! Iwata'ss said they are set in what they want to do for the business portion of their showcase to the two other groups, but are not sure yet and are still exploring what they want to do for the "show" for us basically. BUT THINK of the possibility's.....

If they don't have to be half serious/half trying to have an E3, and can focus souly on fun stuff for one of their E3 shows, we could be seeing the first steps back towards the E3 that we all crave! The E3 that we all want! The E3 that we all DESERVE! They tried to revive E3 a couple of years ago, but Nintendo, in all it's genius, can be giving us another great gift! Curing the E3 sickness! 


- Joey JcM ;D

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