Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Dear THQ, WE Are NOT The Game Testers

Dear THQ. I'm glad to hear that you are doing all this work after your "community" has made you aware of various issues....... I'll say it before and i'll say it again: WWE 12 is a sexy new car.... with NO wheels. We've been trying to drive this beautiful car, but we just can't drive it the way it should be driven. Instead of pressing the gas and GO, we have to trudge out feet and drive this car like the Flintstones. We shouldn't have to do that. We buy the game because we're supposed to enjoy it, not have to put WORK into it. We work enough during the day.

I'll even give you that maybe you can't predict all the online issues, because of the mass amounts of people on the servers, bla bla bla..... but what kind of game testers do you have (if any at all) that they would miss OFFLINE glitches, like this!:

- DX entrance settings:
If you customize a wrestlers entrance with making their entrance DX style, the normal cut back and forth between the entrance video and the wrestlers walking down the ramp, is not there. Instead what you get is the video playing until your wrestlers enter the ring. In other words, you have a good minute or two where you don't know where your wrestlers are, because they are blocked and hidden by a full screen video. How can this even happen? The DX entrance has been in the game for years, and this year it happened to break? Worse off.... none of your testers caught this?

- Setting the Spray painted "World Title" to a wrestler doesn't work:
Instead what you get, is the wrestler walking to the ring with the WWE spray painted title. This takes even less effort to set up and test then an entrance, how was this missed?

- Viewing a Created Wrestler from the Community Creations Blocks Your Ability to edit:
So if you view a wrestler that you would like to download from the online community creation section, ya know, just to check him out and see if it's exactly what you want, it hinders your ability to edit that wrestlers moves if you download him directly after the view. Instead, if you want creative freedom, you have to view, back out, and then find the wrestler you want to download AGAIN and go straight to clicking download. Yes, the creator can choose whether they would like their wrestlers to be edited after they are downloaded or not. Most creators allow this, because they understand that not everyone wants the exact same thing. They know how it feels. But even when the wrestlers you downloaded have the ability to edit ON, this glitch still happens. This glitch was NOT present in the 2011 version of this game (Smackdown vs. RAW 2011)

- "Hero" Road to Wrestlemania storyline will enslave your CAW:
Ironically, the "hero" story in the Road to WrestleMania story mode will capture your created wrestler, and enslave it to be it's own - changing it's name and move set. So if you had dreams of taking your CAW through a wrestling adventure, think again. You instead have to create a BS CAW that you don't even want to use, just to be same, or else the CAW you would LIKE to use will get destroyed if you pick him. Why even ask the player to choose a CAW then, if them game if only going to destroy him? Another note: You won't be able to change your CAW's name back from the name it gives you either. Oh but don't worry, you can change the moves back... on a guy who you don't want anymore. Hope you have fun with all that useless work.

Just the other day I was playing in "Universe" mode: a Triple Threat match, using two CAWs (created-a-wrestlers, created wrestlers) and one stock wrestler. As the first CAW I made started to enter, I shortly saw that all his edited entrance features were gone. His theme song had reset to the first theme I had on him(?!!?!?), and I found out during the match, that all his moves have been set back to default as well! How the hell does this happen? It takes a good while to create a wrestler, thats enough work. Having to do it all over again for no reason is REAL work!

THQ just released a thread in it's WWE 12 forums that states that they are working on a "primary patch" to fix most of the games main glitches. They wanted to make it clear that the patch that they had already released (about a day ago) was NOT the "primary patch", but a minor patch that should help the online issues. They went on to thank "their community" for informing them of the issues with the game........

" Our primary patch will address some of the top-line bugs and glitches that YOU the community have helped us identify," - WWE Games

(NOTE: The servers for the community creations section in the online section of the game had been absolutly borken for the first several weeks. Only working about 2% of the time. And most of the time you couldn't even get on to do on online verses match either)
Online issues have been made better, but still have work to be done.

Mentioning all this though..... this is why I say, (even if you want to excuse the online being broken, which shouldn't be excused for the level of atrocity it is/was) I say this:


Even with the excuse that "We couldn't anitisipate the amount of people that would accupy the servers" there is still so many problems with the OFFLINE portion of this game! What kind of quality assurance is going on in this company? Obviously not enough help to have them finish the game.
Granted a lot of work was done to overhaul the game to "reboot" it, and a lot of that work is very impressive, but this game OBVIOUSLY wasn't finished. They want to make a game yearly, i'm not for it, but fine. But MAKE THE GAME. That intails FINISHING IT! Things like this need to be brought to light, because people are dropping $60 on ENTERAINMENT. I didn't know I was paying $60 to WORK for THQ?

Lets not forget to mention the countless threads on the message boards of people saying that they pre-ordered the special edition of the game, straight from THQ, and have not received it yet..... almost a month later. Once again, this is PRE-ORDERS not arriving a month later... of special editions.... that cost EXTRA money. - What the hell is going on at THQ??!?

So THQ, you want to thank your community for helping you find bugs? Why don't you hire a QA team to do that, so we feel like we're buying a video game, instead of feeling like we PAID YOU, to WORK FOR you - to inform you about bugs that a child could pick out. What does that say about your QA team?

I say this out of love, because I would have liked to see this otherwise beautiful game finished, but there's a line, and your at the point where you are taking advantage of people, and you have to hear our voices this time, because your not getting away with this one.


Read THQ's message to the community below,


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