Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Why Sonic Hasn't Sucked Since SEGA, & Why

Maybe Console Sonic's havn't been up to par since Sonic Adventure for most. I can't understand that, being a big Sonic fan myself. Although I do not own "Sonic the Hedgehog" for 360.. or "Sonic Unleashed" for 360.... or "Sonic and the Secret Rings" for Wii........ OR "Sonic and the Black Knight" for Wii.... ok, so maybe you Sonic haters have a point! Although I caught a glimpse of "Sonic Colors" for Wii, and that actually looked like that game was starting some momentum again for "CONSOLE SONIC".

But anyway, even though Sonic haters might have a point about Sonic on the console since after the Sonic Adventure series, Sonic DEFINITELY hasn't sucked since then. Why? Well god dam, have you guys NOT been playing the GBA Sonic's and the Nintendo DS Sonic's? If you havn't, I feel bad for you.

Sonic Advance 1-3 (GBA)
Sonic Rush (DS)
Sonic Rush Adventure (DS)
Sonic Colors (DS!!)

You want REAL Sonic? WITHOUT FAIL? Play ^ Those games!

You guys might live in the "Sonic has sucked for a while" world, but not me. I've been having a great Sonic experience since SEGA... since I was 6 (or 7).... for about 20 years! Enjoying Sonic never stopped for me!

When Sonic Advance came out, I was BLOWN away! I was like "WOW! A true sequel to 2D Sonic!". I'm not taking away from Sonic Adventure for DreamCast here; What i'm saying, is that at that time, never did I think that Sonic was going to go back to 2D. And when it did, it was seriously the true predecessor to the 2D Sonic's, 1-3, and Sonic and Knuckles. Sonic Advance 1 - 3: Such great experiences. It was great see how Sonic "advanced" (see what I did there) in a true, TRADITIONAL Sonic sequel.

Now onto Sonic Rush. Another TRUE Sonic series, that took advantage of the DS' two screens in SUCH a RADICAL way! Yet even more "advancement" over the Sonic Advance GBA games, in the best way that it could.
Sonic Rush Adventure I actually never got a chance to play, but it got RAVE reviews! It was actually a Sonic RPG, that still played like traditional Sonic I believe, with a little added spice.

So you see... even though console Sonic (supposedly) "hasn't been good" since Sonic Adventure 2 , Sonic has never really died, and I just showed you why and how.

I actually have Sonic Generations (waiting to be opened!). First console Sonic in a while. The demo was great, so i'm looking forward to a good Sonic experience returning to the big screen! SO many AAA games this holiday with SUCH high scores to choose from to play! But I'm dying to get around to this new Sonic though. Couldn't pass up a game with CLASSIC Sonic in it! Can't wait to see how they do the story! (I hope they're not two different 'people'), but either way, I'm sure it's going to to great! Oh, and I also couldn't pass up a Super Sonic Avatar Costume (with the pre-order). I'm a sucker for Sonic.... what can I say ? =/

- JcM

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