Thursday, March 21, 2013

A Different Perspective on Shigeru Miyamoto's "Retirement"

In the retirement of Shigeru Miyamoto, we might see more from him then we have in a long time! Whaaaa, you're saying? Well listen up!

I know the thought of Miyamoto retiring is a scary.... we tremble and pout at the very idea. Not only because he's such a pivital part of Nintendo's history, but because we simply just love him. He feels like he's a family member. He gave us so much over the years. We love him. Of course the thought of seeing him "go" troubles us greatly.... but actually.... maybe... just maybe not!


Think about it this way, first of all, we still do have a lot of Miyamoto time left, but when and if he does retire, 100 years from now, something even greater might come of that time! When Shiggy retires, he will have a lot more time for himself.... personal time. And you know what that could suggest? That he will not only have endless time to think..... but endless time to create new ideas! We might see more new Miyamoto games and ideas in his retirement then we are now! I mean you KNOW he will always be part of the company. He will be Nintendo for life!

If Shigz retires, he will have so much time to create what HE wants to create. Have endless time to think about new ideas. Think and create at his own pace. Look what happened when he took a little break and was in his garden - Pikmin was born. Now imagine a whole LOT more time like that for Mr. Miyamoto!

Thinking about Shiggy's retirement this way def gives a different perspecitive, and gets rid of most of the sad, and replaces it with excitement! =)

- Joey JcM

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