Tuesday, October 4, 2011

JcM's Wii U Prediction that Could Have Been, and Why It Wasn't.

So first I just want to mention, the inspiration for this editorial comes from the fact that I had to get my information about my predictions out faster. I came VERY close to the mark on predicting what Nintendo's next console was going to be, but it wound up being a missed opportunity. I was planning on making my prediction in video form. It is to my disadvantage though that I cannot bring myself to do a simple vlog style video, because that is just... not my style. And if I were to make a vlog esc video, it would have to have the proper JcM flavor to it. I finally had a proper JcM way to release the information about my prediction in video form, but unfortunatly, more pressing matters were presented to me. Long story short, time goes by, and E3 2011 came and gone. It was too late to mention what my prediction for the next Nintendo console would be, but by god it was DAM CLOSE. Scary even. Therefore I have decided to release my prediction information in blog/editorial form. If I can make a video about my predictions before it is too late, I would love to. But sometimes you have to make the right decisions, even if it's against what you want to do. I would love to have my predictions made in video form, but time is of the essence, and I need to start releasing my secret weapons soon.

May this message serve as an invitation to join me on yet another form of entertainment and leisure activity I will be providing. And here, next... is alittle story of the prediction that could have been.......

Way before E3 2011, when the first Wii U details were released at the Nintendo E3 press conference, I just about predicted what the Wii U was going to be...and I was VERY close. My prediction of the next Wii was a system that had a screen on it. Very similar to an iPad. Something you can carry around with you, but also hook up to the TV as per usual home videogame console. 4 USB ports for multiplayer (if you chose to do wired remotes), or carry the system around with you where ever you wanted.

Further, I predicted that it would be a system you can take on the go with you not only for gaming purposes, but it would also expand on the brain age idea, and be something that would help kids out with their education process. A tool for learning, maybe something to help out with homework, along with being something kids can enjoy. Alittle Nintendo system companion.

In sort, my prediction was a Nintendo home console with a screen on the system itself, that you can take around with you if you wanted.In theory, I predicted the Wii U controller to the T technically.

Ofcorse this is the prediction that could have been. Now people who are reading this have a choice whether to believe me or not, rather then saying "Wow, the force is strong with him!" ;P So consider this the bottle that christens the prediction ship, so I can have my predictions post up as soon as possible in the fastest way... for when I do prediction editorials of course.

Here's to seeing the future! (And reporting it asap so I look awesome!)
- JcM

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