Thursday, October 27, 2011

Nintendo 3DS Player - It's Now Possible to Bring Your DS to Your TV!

Basically every Nintendo home console since Super Nintendo, there has been a device that allowed you to play Nintendo's handheld of that same era (all versions of the gameboy so far) on your television.

This tradition seems to have hit a little speed bump though though with Nintendo DS, and now 3DS..... UNTIL NOW.

How you may ask? My answer to your question is simple: the future release of Nintendo's next home console, the Wii U.
The Wii U has many functions, and can use all original Wii remotes for gameplay. The main Wii U controller however (if you havn't heard by now) sports a 6' touch screen, smack dab' in the middle of a traditional style modern controller. The touch screen is the key!
..... Now bring your mind into the handheld universe for a second..... but keep it open! 
Think about a Nintendo DS or 3DS. Stay with me .......  the bottom half of a DS system (when opened to play mode) is basically acts as a mini Wii U tablet control. Traditional buttons, and a touch screen in the middle. Now, the top half of DS systems basically acts as a "television" screen. RIGHT!!?


Up until the Wii U's announcement, it was basically impossible to bring the DS to the television, via something like a "DS Player" (as the "GameBoy Player" and the "GameBoy Advance Player" brought Gameboy games to the television on the Super Nintendo and GameCube systems). Even the N64 allowed you to bring Gameboy to the television in one way or another with the "GameBoy Transfer Pack". but now with the Wii U tablet it is possible, and makes perfect sense! In order to bring the DS to the television, Nintendo would have had to create a contrller with a screen on it.... but now thats EXACTLY what they have with the Wii U!

Imagine using your television screen as the top screen to your 3DS/DS, and the Wii U tablet controller as the bottom half your 3DS/DS system. 

It is now possible to bring the DS to the television. To see your DS and 3DS games on the big screen! Nintendo seems to have had no problem scretching out the DS screen with the release of the DSi XL system. Why not stretch it out alittle more and go for the big time on the television?

With the release of the 3DS, handheld Nintendo games have officially made it to 3D home console status graphically, and Nintendo basically has a portible N64/GameCube on their hands. Take me for example: my original DS games I used to keep all in one DS designated little box. Now with my 3DS games when i'm not playing them, I put them in their respective game cases. I treat them like they are console status games, and they basically are, and can be if this thought is made true!

For me this is a great thought that now this is REALLY possible. I'm all about maximizing the experience. I know the difference between an S-Video wire and component dammit!So it's really cool imagining taking a DS game and advancing it to a home console experience. We should get the whole universe to foward this message to Nintendo. (as if we needed to buy another peripheral.... but, you know we would).

Hope this gets your juices flowing and imaginations running wild! I hope to see petitions for a 3DS players starting............... NOW! ;P

- JcM

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